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From: Jose Campos <josecamposcomet_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Oct 14 14:47:36 2004
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Hi AL, Marco and List,

Thanks for the video link, AL.
The shown video clip lasted 33 seconds, on a reproduction velocity of 1.0
It was interesting to notice that, quite close to the 4th second of the
video clip, there is a brief, sudden bright outburst (?) followed by a
return to its initial visual brightness; also visible during a portion of
the object's path, are two parallel darkish streaks (shadow lines?), one on
each side and quite close to the object.
Perhaps an imaging "blemish"?
Jos? Campos

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>> There was a meteor or space junk fall around my area on Sunday. A local
>> family video taped the event and can be viewed here:
>> http://home.wane.com/Video/ufo%20raw.WMV
> This is not a meteor, nor spacejunk, but a sunlit aircraft contrail.
> Note te very slow movement in the video, and the very long duration:
> afteer
> seeing it and fetcing hs camera, the eyewitnness had time to get in his
> car,
> drive to a nearby school parking, and film untill is camera battery was
> empty.
> - Marco
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