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Date: Tue Feb 21 18:15:38 2006
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Mark, it was a joke, a sad pathetic joke that ran it's course in about 5
minutes, but didn't die.
When Jim Strope and I announced our new Lunar, apparently the next day,
Edwin and Ted Bunch thought it would be funny to call us and say that he had
a 2 kilo Martian meteorite in his room. Of course, we rushed right over to
see it, and the laughing started as it was so funny that we would rush back
to the hotel to see this new Mars rock.
Then Edwin decided to just keep saying it, and added the 1.5 kilo Lunar to
the rumor as well. We spoke with Ted after a few days when customers started
coming to my room and when I showed them the new Lunar, they commented that
they saw a much larger one over at E'T's.
So he was telling people he had a 1.5 kilo Lunar, a flat out lie since the
rock he had there was not even a meteorite.
I am offended at this, and I told them that. This was a pathetic attempt by
someone who had no new planetary to diminish my room which had no less than
11 Lunars:
DAG 400, Dhofar 025, Dhofar 081, Dhofar 908, Dhofar 1180, NEA 001, NWA 482,
NWA 2200, NWA 2727, NWA 2977, NWA 2995, and for a time, Greg Hupe's 1 kilo
Lunar was in my room as well, so Room 184 had OVER 2 kilograms of real lunar
on display, and that seemed to chap some people's backsides enough for them
to lie about what they had.
There 10 Martian meteorites as well: (there were more but I can not
DAG 476, Dhofar 019, NWA 998, NWA 1068, NWA 2046, SAU 180, Zagami (a
complete slice of 101 grams).
This is a tactic that some dealers use to get people to their rooms (telling
people they have things that they do not) and to diminish what other dealers
I think it has gone far enough, now that Mark is publishing it as truth, and
ET needs to apologize and tell people why he was lying to people, telling
them he had a 1.5 kilo Moon rock and 2 kilo Martian meteorite (that was
actually a nice Diogenite).

Mike Farmer

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> Hello Jim and list,
> My report noted: "E.T. was in the same room as he was last year. This year
> his inventory ranged from bargain priced baby NWA869's to a lunar I am
> guessing weighed 1.5 kg."
> Jim Strope wrote: "Apparently Mark was taken in by the rumor that was
> spread around the show about the 1.5kg lunar. His report is wrong and
> should be changed in the spirit of accuracy."
> In the...."spirit of accuracy"....I changed the line to....
> "E.T. was in the same room as he was last year. This year his inventory
> ranged from bargain priced baby NWA869's to some small complete Dhofar
> lunars."
> E.T. was selling some small lunars for Rob Wesel and I know they were
> real.
> Now with that out of way. E.T. had a big stone...he was calling, and
> showed to me as a lunar...that I guessed weighed 1.5 kg. If that was some
> joke or the like, I do not know nor was I a part of it. It did look the
> part so I guess it was some eucrite? Either way I was not spreading some
> rumor from the show, and if you have noticed, as in the past, I avoid
> writing about the ugly of the show.
> In the future, if you do not mind, I would prefer you e-mail me just
> privately on such as thing, rather then say, e-mail Paul and the list. I
> think you owe me a beer at the next birthday bash for that. Just joking,
> but since we are friendly, that e-mail was...surprising.
> Clear Skies,
> Mark Bostick
> www.meteoritearticles.com
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