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From: Adam Hupe <raremeteorites_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Sun, 1 Apr 2007 12:38:02 -0700 (PDT)
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Hi Moni and List,

To answer a few questions:

Yes, your guess was correct, we rode bikes on Ivanpah.
It is a great place to visit and explore but hunting
of any sort is prohibited. A BLM issued permit is
required to enter the lake bed and you are only
allowed to drive to a staging area where you are
allowed to camp. You can wind sail to the Molicorp
line and then the rest of the dry lake bed is off
limits. We rode bikes around the entire legal
perimeter and then set up a camp fire in a device
called a volcano in staging area one. We talked to
some wind sailors about dry lake beds, gave them some
burgers and were invited check out a privately owned
dry lake bed, very nice people.

We had no problem whatsoever with rangers this time
because we took the time to get the proper permits and
researched the laws in regards to meteorite hunting.
We made numerous phone calls ahead of time to the BLM,
obtained the proper permits before touching a lake bed
and obeyed all laws.

We scouted four different dry lake beds, two of which
were very remote and required four wheel drive thus
were in fairly pristine condition. This was mainly a
scouting effort for future expeditions to see what
kind of paperwork is involved and what kind of access
is available for the Mobile Meteorite Command Center
(MMCC)so that months can be spent in the field instead
of a few weeks.

All of our finds will be studied and reported to the
NomCom. None of our finds will ever be sold as this
would be breaking the law since most were found on
public land. California will enforce this law and we
were told by the BLM that they search eBay and other
sales avenues on a regular basis and that fines will
be issued if a violation is found.

Overall, it was a great trip. We got much needed
exercise, met some cool people and had an excellent
time. I will have other sets of pictures coming in
from the trip and if I find any of them to be of
interest, I would be happy to share them.

Happy Hunting and Best Regards,


--- Moni Waiblinger <moni2555 at hotmail.com> wrote:

> Hello Adam and all,
> Well congratulations to you too!
> This looks like a very nice find.
> Can't wait to find out from where and who at the end
> the meteorite belongs
> to, California or Nevada?
> Nice find!
> It will be interesting to see what kind it is!
> Guess the bicycles meant you went back to Ivanpah?
> How did it go?
> Any more problems with the rangers?
> I liked seeing all your other images and note SUSA,
> a woman meteorite
> huntress!! ;-)
> Thanks for sharing! And are you still out there or
> are you back in
> Washington?
> I hoped to search with you, maybe next time!
> With best regards,
> Moni
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