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From: matt <metlist_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Sat, 07 Apr 2007 21:52:29 +0100
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I'm reluctant to wade in here, but I was thinking exactly this earlier
too. The idea of the list self regulating just doesn't work. People
mouth off all the time, because they always get away with it. Some
stricter moderation and the majority of problems would be solved. Once
it is made clear that such behaviour will not be tolerated, then most
reasonable people will modify their own posting habits (if necessary)
and those that do not can be removed. I don't want excessive moderation,
but some standards of social decency and responsibility should be upheld.

A handful of people repeatedly ruin this list for the vast majority of
us. This list could (or should) be the centre of intelligent meteorite
related discussion on the net (in actual fact, it seems to me there is
little alternative). Unfortunately, as somebody who has spent a lot of
time enthusing to others about how great meteorite collecting is, and
what interesting items they are in all their variety, I would be very
reluctant to recommend people to join here. That really is a sad state
of affairs....


PolandMET wrote:
>> Why Art doesn;t just step in and delete delete delete I do not know,
>> but I
>> am getting increasingly fed up with this constant verbal jousting.
> Hi
> Im affraid that we need REAL admin, not virtual "Texas Ranger" like
> Art. I have seen him on the list maybe 2-3 times last years. This not
> enough.
> On normall forums, like this about computer hardware where Im
> registered You can be banned or warned for smaller sins than calling
> someone a Gay. Not "topic related" mails are immediatelly deleted by
> forum moderatos. But here is real bonanza. I can say and send
> everything I can and noone guarding quality of discussion on this
> mail-list. Thats why seweral valuable persons leaved this forum.
> It is for our interest to have better admin/moderator. This will for
> sure make this list better....
> thats my two cents
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