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Date: Mon, 16 Apr 2007 14:43:41 -0700 (PDT)
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Hi List:
  I have a question regarding the metal distribution in ordinary chondrites. I remember hearing ?somewhere? that in H-chondrites the free-metal is generally evenly distributed in medium sized blobs throughout the meteorite, and in L-chondrites the metal is more uneven, sometimes there will be large metal blobs in one area within the meteorite and elsewhere there is much less or no metal. For LL-chondrites, I?m not sure; perhaps just less free-metal and total iron throughout the meteorite.
  The reason I?m asking is that I cut a small (~50 gram) chondrite I got in Tucson and the metal is very fined grained and distributed very evenly throughout the meteorite, and there is a lot; it looks different then all the others I have cut. In fact, this particular piece has more magnetic pull than any other meteorite (chondrite) I have. I?m wondering if it could be an E-chondrite, because it has so much free-iron and the metal flakes get very small and vary in size. But this made me wonder:
  Is there a way to somewhat estimate whether a meteorite is an H, L, or LL chondrite by observing the metal distribution inside? Or are there patterns that fit each class in terms of metal distribution?
  Much Thanks,
  Greg S

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