[meteorite-list] need info composition of lunar meteorites

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Date: Thu, 7 Jun 2007 12:25:33 -0700 (PDT)
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I joined this list at the behest of someone from the
IMCA based on concerns I have with something being
advertised as a meteorite. Among other errors and
misstatements, the ad states that "Anorthosite was
found in all the rocks returned from the Moon..." As
a mineralogist I find this difficult to believe.
Anorthosite is defined as a rock type that contains
>90% feldspar and is off-white in color, with perhaps
a few inclusions of other minerals. On the other
hand, anorthite (note the subtle difference in
spelling) is a mineral species consisting of anorthite
feldspar, the calcic end member of the plagioclase
series. To make things more confusing, anorthite
occurs as a component of anorthosite, but the two
words mean quite different things.

I sent two e-mails to the seller via eBay, and have
received no response. I would have liked to think the
seller simply made some mistakes and listed a common
terrestrial rock as a meteorite, but the lack of
response gives me doubt. However, I am also curious
about where he might have obtained the statement with
which I opened this note, as far as whether the
original publication indeed says "anorthite" and that
is simply a mistype on his part.


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