[meteorite-list] Global Warming - Scientifically proven or a farce

From: Michael L Blood <mlblood_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Sat, 09 Jun 2007 19:12:26 -0700
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Hi Rob,
        I am usually able to waylay any strong feelings posts
might arouse in me. However, when talking about the survival
of not only everyone I love, but of the majority of life forms on
the planet it becomes a little more difficult for me to keep my
feelings in check. However, I will try.
        I strongly suggest that if you have ANY belief in the
scientific process at all that you examine the following:

1) The history and current movement WORLD WIDE by
the vast majority of scientists as expressed in the United
Nations .... After years of denial of scientific evidence, finally
a treaty was negotiated in Kyoto, Japan in December 1997.
Of the 173 recognized countries on the planet, only 3 were
and continue to be "hold outs" - of course, under King George,
the US is one of them.
(Clinton was guilty in spite of the urging of his vice
president, as he always, always, always pursued the action
that was politically most "favorable")
>From this you can see that 98.3% of the various countries
have chosen to head the warnings of their scientists on this matter.

2) Do at least a LITTLE research on the scientific reports that
were requested by and sent to the current administration - and
then ALTERED by said administration & the number of former
advisors who have resigned as a result of the bull headed refusal
of the administration to accept the truth, even when research
was conducted by their own scientific advisors.

3) See Burk's "Before the Warming" (Made in the early 1990s,
it is scary how exactly, as scientifically predicted, the results
of global warmiing have progressed thus far.

4) See "An Inconvenient Truth."

        I am confident that you are intelligent and sane enough
that, once having reflected upon the above, any reluctance to
see the evidence in this matter will be gone.
        If, after reviewing the above, anyone remains unconvinced,
I suggest they buy an ostrich ranch as that way they will be
among those who are equally like minded and scientifically
        Sincerely, Michael Blood

on 6/9/07 2:41 PM, Rob McCafferty at rob_mccafferty at yahoo.com wrote:

> This post simply underlines a theory I had presented
> to me 10 years ago, that global warming is just a
> phase.
> If as little as 13000 years ago, the sahara was
> watered grassland, and the sahara grew before
> industry, how likely that we are the influence of
> climate change?
> I do not work for Shell, BP, Xxon, etc. I Just think
> that humans have an over-inflated opinion of their
> significance.
> Even so, I will confess to actively reducing my carbon
> footprint over the last 2 years.
> Sorry, I know it's not met related.
> Rob McC
> --- "Sterling K. Webb" <sterling_k_webb at sbcglobal.net>
> wrote:
>> Hi, Tom, List
>> Dean Bessey used to (may yet) sell neolithic
>> arrowheads from NWA. Most are probably 9000 to
>> 13,000 years old, from the time that the Sahara
>> was a well-watered grassland with scattered forest
>> stands and lots of big game, well illustrated in
>> the rock drawings the neolithic peoples left behind:
> http://images.google.com/images?gbv=2&hl=en&safe=off&q=+site:images.jupiterima
> ges.com+petroglyphs+sahara
>> You just got a freebie.
>> Sterling K. Webb
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>> Subject: [meteorite-list] Arrow head found in box of
>> Moroccan
>> Meteoritefragments.
>> Hi List, You all will think I am nuts. I was
>> going through a box of small
>> meteorite fragments sorting out interesting pieces
>> and attractive
>> individuals. It was out of 20 Kg. small stuff, all
>> unsorted and very dirty
>> and I found
>> an arrow head. Nice shape. About 1 inch total
>> length.
>> Are there any arrow heads found in the region where
>> meteorites would be
>> shipped from Morocco?
>> Thanks, Tom
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