[meteorite-list] Amazing coincedence, Off topic DEFORESTATION for Furniture.

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Yah, to stay objective is fine,
look how helpful and rewarding it can be to be objective - you'll get a fine
slice of a lunaite for free, only because of this email!:

I don't know, what for energy efficient light bulbs are produced in your
but most of the standard products nowadays available,
have a product life between 8,000 and 12,000 hours. Some of them more than
20,000 hours.
A conventional light bulb has on average a life time of 1,000 hours.
The production of a energy efficient light bulb consumes 10 times more
energy than the production of a conventional one.

So the higher amount of energy is already counterbalanced by the longer
lifespan. (If your energy saving bulb gets broken before, you will get it
replaced in the shop you bought it).

Now to the real saving potential and there you can see, that you don't have
to be an ecological Taliban.

Let's take a conventional bulb of 100 W.
Costs around 1Euro.
Use it 8000 hours --> consumption 800kWh and you have to buy 8 bulbs because
of the short life span.
Don't know your energy prices - here let's say a kWh costs 0.17Euro.
Result 144Euro

Energy efficient bulb.
Costs 15 Euro, for 8000hours you'll need only one.
Such a bulb with the same brightness of a conventional 100W bulb
consumes 80% less, hence after 8000 hours ---> 160kWh
Result 42,20Euro

Saved 101,80Euro.

Srew in 10 of such bulbs at home ---> 1018Euro ---> 1360$ saved

Buy some nice meteorites from me for 1200$ and 2 barrels of Brent to burn
for your remorse to have made Al Gore and his fundamentalists happy... :-)

No seriously, the majority of 1st-World-consumer doesn't care much about
saving energy and ecological stuff,
(as long as they aren't seriously afflicted in person by the effects of the
warming. Yesterday I sent an email to Sterling and the list, which didn't
came through with some simple examples where people already have to pay a
lot of cash to adapt to the effects of their regional warming, to underline,
that several professions and people have crossed quite a while ago the point
of the discussion, whether there is a warming or not, simply because they
had to adapt already to the changed conditions ).

You have to see it more practically: they will change their consumption
habits, when they'll see, that more efficient products don't constrain their
comfort and living standard, AND (and but) when energy prices will haven
risen to a level, where their usual energy consume would mean indeed a
decline of the quality of their daily life.
So that they'll see, that's simply cheaper for them to use better products.
And I see no hope, that energy prices won't get more and more expensive.

It's very simple, isn't it and certainly no question of an ideology.


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for Furniture.

Yep, and solar panels, energy efficient light bulbs, and most wind
turbines all take more 'co2'/energy to produce, dispose of, and
transport around the world than they will ever 'save' or generate in
their entire short working product life! (Paticularly solar panels, they
are the worst way of generating power there is (besides coal and gas),
also being stuffed full of very nasty chemicals like selenium!)

And ... actually mature forests emit more co2 and methane than
new/virgin forests do (down to the decaying wood and forest floor
ecosystem), so cutting down forests and replanting them with younger
trees is ironically actually better for the environment!! (though not if
you are a monkey of course).

It's really easy to get caught up in the hype, but my advice is stay
objective !


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DEFORESTATION for Furniture.


Here is an article on how biodiesel--one of the green movement's great
works. The green movement isn't so green after all--except when the
is money.

    Eric Twelker

> http://news.yahoo.com/s/nm/20070610/sc_nm/deforestation_dc
> WOW, this article is on YAHOO front page right now.
> It shows the level of destruction for profit, legal
> and illegal. If you ever want to see the jungle, now
> is the time.
> Michael Farmer
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