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From: Michael L Blood <mlblood_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Mon, 11 Jun 2007 13:41:27 -0700
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Hi Martin,
        Actually, many meteorites are reported to have killed people....
but none I know of that are available or close to having a solid
provenience. One was discussed at length on the list just a couple
of months ago - some Roman officer and a bunch of his men. I
believe the Bible has more than one incident reported as well.
Hell, I would like to have one of the frogs in formaldehyde from
the 7 plagues of Egypt, not to mention the burning ice.
        A documented KILLER meteorite? I would buy all I could!
        (By the way, Dr. Deits, one of the first to propose "continental
drift" in the early 1900s was quoted as saying he wanted to die
being struck by a meteorite, then fossilized and recovered by future
        Best wishes, Michael

on 6/11/07 1:09 PM, Martin Altmann at altmann at meteorite-martin.de wrote:

> Forwarded from Andi Gren, who doesn't come through neither
> (well Andi, at least I would pay a good price for that L6, if it will hit a
> certain person in Illinois...just a joke):
> Hi Tim , List , all involved in this interesting treat,
> Your suggestion about the Asteroid wiping out half of the planet and then be
> sold on e bay brings me back to Meteorites.
> When I have seen the first time a picture from the Lady hit by the
> Sylacauga Meteorite, I was happy to know it's not reported a Meteorite ever
> kills a person. It makes our hobby in some way more peaceful. But I always
> asking my self what would happen if a Meteorite would kill a person? The
> Hammers and Cow killers are well paid and I know Sylacauga was very very
> well paid at a meteorite auction this year at the Tucson show.
> So would the Meteorite be the most expensive L6 ever been sold? Ore would
> nobody like to own a slice of a human killer hammer? Ok, I'm sure everybody
> would agree an impact kit is out of respect, but what's about the Meteorite,
> who would like to own a human killer Hammer?
> best greetings
> Andi
> We are a society that starves our grandchildren to feed our children.
> All the signs are there to prove that Mother Earth cannot take anymore of
> the pollution and the destruction we throw at her.
> We are seeing increasing numbers of Tsunami's, Volcanic eruptions and
> Earthquakes even here in England we are experiencing this.
> One really sad thing I see is one day an Asteroid comes and hits us and
> wipes out half the planet I see unfortunately some humans would try and
> drag the remnants of it away and attempt to sell it on Ebay because cash
> is all that is worshipped.
>> Mike,
>> Look at the positive side of this for our hobby and business...
>> With Global Warming (that some doubt) the Arctic will have less ice,
>> and our grass and farmlands lands will become deserts. Just imagine
>> all the new meteorites that will become exposed and available to us
>> collectors.
>> And the prices will go down, too.
>> But all of these benefits will be far outweighed by the economic impact
>> of Global Warming that the Republican "Bushites" doubt. A natural
>> cycle, some say, but look at the ice in the Arctic that environmental
>> scientists are coring. It certainly shows a vastly greater increase in
>> carbon dioxide emissions over the last 150 years that corresponds
>> directly to human activity during our Industrial Revolution. The
>> greatest increase in 900,000 years. And just think, 600,000 years ago
>> Yellowstone caldera supervolcano erupted, a brief yet catastrophic
>> event for the entire earth. It's overall impact was small compared to
>> what we are doing now.
>> But back to meteorites... The prices will drop as more are found due
>> to the melting of Arctic ice, desertfication of our grass and
>> farmlands... But the question is... Who will buy them once the economic
>> crunch of Global Warming hits our pocket books?
>> Steve Schoner
>> IMCA #4470
>> -- Michael Farmer <meteoriteguy at yahoo.com> wrote:
>> Steve, not likely in our lifetimes, the money that
>> could have been spent going back to the moon, building
>> a permant base, then going to Mars, all of it could
>> have been done with the money we have pissed away in
>> Iraq. But hey, look at it this way, Haliburton moved
>> to Dubai to be closer to the money, they are taking
>> good care of it for us, the taxpayers.
>> Enough of things that do not pertain to meteorites
>> though, we have all had our say and I will leave this
>> topic since I have a meteorite show to attend and then
>> meteorites to dig up in the Arctic.
>> Michael Farmer
>> --- Steve Schoner <schoner at mybluelight.com> wrote:
>>> So true Mike Farmer. That is the problem with our
>>> age. We want
>>> everything never taking into consideration what we
>>> leave those that
>>> follow us after we are dead and gone.
>>> They will curse us or thank us for what we do now.
>>> But to do nothing about global warming now, which is
>>> a scientifically
>>> proven fact, pretty much leaves them with a ruined
>>> world and a curse
>>> for us.
>>> (Maybe by then they will have left this planet to
>>> terraform Mars, and
>>> mine asteroids (parent bodies of the meteorites we
>>> love) for their
>>> resources, all the while looking out into space or
>>> up into a Martian
>>> sky at a bright star that was the world we ruined.)
>>> Steve Schoner.
>>> #4470
>>> [meteorite-list] Global Warming - Scientifically
>>> proven or a farce
>>> Michael Farmer meteoriteguy at yahoo.com
>>> Sun Jun 10 13:25:59 EDT 2007
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>>> Paul, ok, lest say you are the proud winner of that
>>> bet! Bush got his way, America refused to do it's
>>> part
>>> and the oceans only raise 4 feet in the next 10
>>> years.
>>> I guess you had better go to Florida/New York
>>> City/Boston, most of the Gulf Coast, and well, most
>>> of
>>> the Island nations in the Pacific. They will be
>>> gone,
>>> good job! Oh, and the Billionairs on Long Island and
>>> Cape Cod had better sell their homes now, since a 4
>>> foot rise in sealevel will wash them all away. What
>>> will Dubya do without the family compound in
>>> Kennebunkport?
>>> I lived in Key West Florida. The highest point of
>>> the
>>> island is 6 feet. Most of the island is less than 3
>>> feet above sea level, as is a very large part of
>>> Florida. Kiss it goodbye, and trillions of $$$ of
>>> land, homes, and a huge part of our nation.
>>> Does that make it ok to ignore the melting glaciers,
>>> ok to do what we are doing now and not even bother
>>> making changes? That is SICK!
>>> Unfortunately that is the mentality of a huge part
>>> of
>>> our nation today, all about me, my money, and today,
>>> screw tomorrow, and I gues screw our children, and
>>> grandchildren, they can learn to live in the crappy
>>> world we created today to get "ours" right?
>>> My kids (If I ever have any) will likely never see a
>>> glacier in Switzerland, a Polar bear in northern
>>> Canada, or a white Greenland. It is all going away.
>>> sort of makes me not want to have kids, so they will
>>> not have to suffer for our mistakes.
>>> Michael Farmer
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