[meteorite-list] Damn weather and classification changes.

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Date: Mon, 11 Jun 2007 22:32:54 +0200
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Glad the LL3.7 became LL3.1 !
  I love my 9.96 g end section and the 4.98 full slice! One of them will be
displayed next week-end in Ensisheim for the thematic exhibit (odd
inclusions, textures...).
Is it still S2W2 and how many pieces were found (for the tkw reported of
900 g) ?

5 stones.
3 first I have bough in Ensisheim 2006 :) and cut there first sample on my
saw. This was this "two lithology" stone that was sold out very fast.
Two other, much larger I have from morocco, late 2006. But all 5 specimens
are the same, thin sections from 3 biggest stones was send to NAU. I have
send extra slices after Tucson, becouse Ted wanted to make more tests on
this sample and now I have results.

What are you bringing in Ensisheim that is over 100 kg ? Your Mother in law
(sorry for that low degree of kidding...)


Btw: weather hot (in the 28?C's), stormy and humid predicted here until
Friday, then "showers and a slight drop of temperatures (in the 23?C's).
"Fair" for the Ensisheim dinner-party (where we are at least 85 people!).
But weather predictions do change (end refine) every day...

Zelimir, RAIN, buy some, please.

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