[meteorite-list] Seven Plagues and Killer Meteorites

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ya know, some people refuse to accept what is known as fact and try to
dismiss it off as something that might could happen.

 That isn't why we are here. We are here for meteorites, not mightbe's and
myths or annual events that did plague the Nile until recent history. If you
cannot accept that, then meteorites aren't real either and maybe you should
leave. I mean, really now, have you seen a rock strike the earth that was
from space with your own eyes?

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>>It seems to me the History Channel or TLC, maybe even Discovery Channel,
>>of them, cover all the plagues and they were/are natural yearly events
>>the ancient peoples of Egypt lived with. Why turn them into fables and
> But that's all a form of apologetics. It is looking far and wide to try
> to
> find
> an explanation that COULD be true, and trying to give it as an explanation
> for
> an event. Yes, sometimes there are locusts in Egypt. Sometimes frogs in
> Egypt.
> Sometimes kids die in Egypt. Rivers could possbily turn red in Egypt from
> dinoflagellates or some such. People could get boils. But how meaningful
> is
> that? Of course there can be natural reasons be given for described
> conditions
> and not just an entirely new malody be made up from pure imagination
> (nobody
> claimed a plague of attacks of three headed talking cariboo, after all).
> What
> is in question is-- did that series of "plagues" happen in that order,
> close
> together, after having a guy tell a pharoh that if he didn't release the
> Israelites they would happen? Did he then release the Israelites, who
> parted
> the Sea of Reeds, after which that pharoh and his army was wiped out?
> is
> what "historical accuracy" is about, not wherther or not problems
> described
> are
> actual problems that can take place.
> Let's shift it forward a bit. A few thousand years. Say that the
> alarmists
> are
> right, major global warming happens, and all costal cities are wiped out.
> All
> the evidence future archeologists have for the existance of New York is a
> copy
> of the movie Spiderman. Scholars debate on wherther Spiderman is a
> historical
> figure or just a mythical hero. Then, one year, some divers find the
> ruins
> of
> Manhattan. New York was real! Does that, then, prove that Spiderman was
> a
> historical figure? After all, it turns out that there really was a New
> York,
> and Spiderman was supposed to live in New York...
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