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Date: Tue, 06 Mar 2007 09:04:11 -0700
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Dear Zelimir;
I enjoyed reading your post. Just a thought, when is France going to
pressure all colletors/collections to give their specimens back?

Dave F.

Zelimir Gabelica wrote:

>Dear list,
>I wish to thank many of you for having provided new or corrected data for
>my compilation of Ensisheim meteorite masses.
>Now that the reception of such data had slowed down significantly, I am
>ready to send you, on request, my provisional compilation list as updated
>by March 6, 2007.
>Just feel free to ask for a copy, off list.
>Note; this list could be found on the Ensisheim web site in a near future).
>I also made the first evaluations and here are the results with some comments:
>1) So far there are 158 different repositories, 73 of them involving
>official institutes, museums?and 85 being in private hands.
>2) While the total mass in each repository is accurate (the weights are
>taken as received), it is difficult to evaluate how many pieces are
>deposited in each place. When the number of pieces held in a (mostly
>private) collection is known, this was indicated (if more than one).
>3) Except in few cases (Paris, London?museums), the precision is within one
>gram, meaning that the meteorite was probably never weighed with a higher
>accuracy, even if the mass is small.
>4) The presently existing total mass computed so far reaches 69,046.385
>grams, which represents 54.37% of the initial mass that is thought to be
>127 kg, meaning that more than 45 % are still missing ! (or at least not on
>the present census).
>5) The mass repartition is very inequivalent, thus:
>- Museums & institutes: 67,735.126 g (98.1%)
>- Private collections: 1,311.259 g (1.9%)
>(Note that the 53,831 g held at the Regency Palace in Ensisheim represent
>almost 78% of the big total (Institutes + private)).
>6) The largest mass held in a private collection is with Marlin Cilz (416
>g, 6th rank), but this (old) number would require confirmation (see below).
>The smallest mass held in a private collection, 0.05 g, was so far reported
>by Rhett Bourland (Evansville, IN).
>The smallest mass held in an official institute (rank 133) is from Black
>Hills Inst Geol. Res. (SD) and weighs 0.946 g
>7) As reported before, my compilation was based on previous repositories or
>set of data, basically stemming from MetBase (2003), BM catalog (Grady
>2000), Ensisheim archives (Schm?tzer, 1993), more recently completed by
>data provided by R. Kempton, NEMS (2003), J?rn Koblitz (2007 MetBase
>edition) and Pierre-Marie Pel? (his own compilation achieved in 2006-2007
>that allowed me to precise many old museum/institute old figures).
>Most of the private repositories come from your own data kindly sent on a
>regular basis through the list.
>Some reports came more recently from the subscribers of P.-M. Pel??s
>?Encyclopedia of Meteorites?, upon specific call.
>I warmly thank again all of you for this extremely valuable help!
>8) My compilation is being increased and improved permanently and your
>further help is always very much appreciated.
>Here are some data that I?d like to complete and for which I could not
>contact the owner(s) directly, for various reasons. If anyone can help,
>this will be more than great.
>Some specific questions:
>A) I need the accurate masses held in the following museums, for which I
>have old data (> 20 years) and/or inaccurate masses (the masses (in grams)
>I have, are given in parentheses):
>Berlin (905), Vienna (660), T?bingen (316), US NM (WA) (258), Uppsala (SE)
>(210), Tempe (AZ) (209), Cambridge (GB) (133), AMS (NY) (111), G?ttingen
>(111), Calcutta (77), Basel (77), Copenhagen (74), Strasbourg (FR) (74),
>Oxford (GB) (71), Paris Ecole des Mines (38), Freiberg (DE) (28), Harvard
>(MA) 21), Moscow Geol. Mus (11), Tallin (ES) (11), TCU Fort Worth (?only?
>4.3 g?), St Petersburg (RU) (4)?some museum in Holland (???)
>B) Same question, from the following private collections:
>Cilz (416), Labenne (88), Haag (85), Horejsi (28.2), Heinlein (26.5), Du
>Pont coll (8 g?still exists ?)
>C) The repositories are classified by cities (as in MetBase). I need the
>following data:
>Is J. Schwade living in Kankakee or in Crystal Lake ?
>Is Marc Labenne living in Sarasota (FL) or in Tergnion (France) ?
>Which are the cities and US States where live:
>- R. C. Cavalieri (USA) ?
>- J.-M. Daillier (France) ?
>- P. Pibburns (USA) ?
>Best wishes,
>Prof. Zelimir Gabelica
>Universit? de Haute Alsace
>3, Rue A. Werner,
>F-68093 Mulhouse Cedex, France
>Tel: +33 (0)3 89 33 68 94
>Fax: +33 (0)3 89 33 68 15
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