[meteorite-list] Question: Just How ...?

From: Frank Cressy <fcressy_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu, 15 Mar 2007 21:33:33 -0700 (PDT)
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Hello Robert and all,

Interesting topic. Like Norm, I'm also a geologist
and have been consulting for about 20 years now. Every
once in a while someone would bring in the "family
Rock", ...that treasure they had carried from place to
place over the years because they knew it was
valuable. Back in 1997, someone brought in a large
wind/water sculpted sandstone (complete with
crossbedding) wanting me to confirm it was a valuable
meteorite. I hadn't seen any meteorites in person at
that time, but knew right away this wasn't one.
Anyway, I decided that I'd better see if I could buy a
meteorite on ebay to better educate myself should one
of those valuable "family rocks" actually be a
meteorite. I purchased about a 100 gram Sikhote Alin
from Jim Strope and also purchased a copy of "Rocks
from Space". Still have both. Then I discovered
stoney meteorites, so purchased a small Gao, and then
a tektite...then a small Millbillillie (needed an
achondrite of course), how about a stoney iron, better
get a small Vaca Muerta slice...and on..and on...

Guess now I'm really addicted...


--- Robert Woolard <meteoritefinder at yahoo.com> wrote:

> Hello List,
> There was a lot of interest and positive comments
> on
> the thread concerning whether or not members still
> had
> their first meteorite. I'd like to ask a related
> question that I think might be interesting.
> The question is: How did you "find out" that it
> was
> possible to actually BUY a meteorite!?
> I will list the most likely ways that come to my
> mind (doubtless there will be others) in no
> particular
> order:
> 1.Magazine AD (such as Astronomy or Sky & Telescope)
> 2.Magazine ARTICLE about collecting meteorites
> 3.Catalog offering meteorites for sale
> 4.Internet browsing and accidentally came across
> 5.TV program, featuring Haag, Farmer, etc.
> 6.Friend was a collector and got you hooked, too
> 7.You are a mineral collector, led to meteorites
> 9.You are a fossil collector, led to meteorites
> 10.Auction listed meteorites up for bid
> 11.Other
> OK, that's about all the ways I can think of right
> off hand. I hope that the question is of interest.
> And by the way, MY answer would be "#5" above, as
> I
> saw a VERY young Robert Haag on the David Letterman
> show WAY back in 1986. I was thrilled to see that
> here
> was a guy who was actually making it possible for me
> to buy my very own meteorite! I called directory
> assistance the very next day, got Robert's telephone
> number, called him, ordered 10 specimens,.... and
> what
> a ride it has been since!!
> Best wishes,
> Robert Woolard
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