[meteorite-list] Question: Just How ...?

From: Robert Woolard <meteoritefinder_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu, 15 Mar 2007 19:33:54 -0700 (PDT)
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Hello List,

  There was a lot of interest and positive comments on
the thread concerning whether or not members still had
their first meteorite. I'd like to ask a related
question that I think might be interesting.

  The question is: How did you "find out" that it was
possible to actually BUY a meteorite!?

  I will list the most likely ways that come to my
mind (doubtless there will be others) in no particular

1.Magazine AD (such as Astronomy or Sky & Telescope)

2.Magazine ARTICLE about collecting meteorites

3.Catalog offering meteorites for sale
4.Internet browsing and accidentally came across

5.TV program, featuring Haag, Farmer, etc.

6.Friend was a collector and got you hooked, too

7.You are a mineral collector, led to meteorites

9.You are a fossil collector, led to meteorites

10.Auction listed meteorites up for bid


  OK, that's about all the ways I can think of right
off hand. I hope that the question is of interest.

  And by the way, MY answer would be "#5" above, as I
saw a VERY young Robert Haag on the David Letterman
show WAY back in 1986. I was thrilled to see that here
was a guy who was actually making it possible for me
to buy my very own meteorite! I called directory
assistance the very next day, got Robert's telephone
number, called him, ordered 10 specimens,.... and what
a ride it has been since!!

  Best wishes,
  Robert Woolard

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