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Hi Doug and List,
  Thanks Doug for the interesting post as always. The
rabbit goes by the name of Moon Rabbit (???\) or Jade
Rabbit (???\) (aka Gold Rabbit (???\).
  The Rabbit in Japanese folklore,?????e, is busy
pounding mochi (sticky rice cakes) in a traditional
mochi mortar; mochi is eatten during the Lunar New
Year (mochizuki- full moon) by Japanese to ensure a
long life.
  In Chinese mythology, the rabbit is given the task
of helping the moon goddess, Chang`e, make magical
eternal life elixer from herbs.

  For more about this:



  Best Regards, Dirk Ross...Tokyo

--- mexicodoug <mexicodoug at aol.com> wrote:

> Here's the first public photo from China's first
> Moon orbiter launched last
> month.
> Not bad for the Chang'e ship (apparently pronounced
> "Ch-ong-er" after the
> snooping woman in her husband's personal items, who
> feared being caught, ate
> the evidence (her husband's vitamin herb) and fled
> in to the Moon with her
> rabbit that now manufacture herbal remedies).
> By the time we see manned voyages back to the Moon,
> a thriving business in
> Chinese restaurants will be serving travelers
> take-out.
> The Chinese do have a sense of humor. Curiously,
> Apollo 11 (Armstrong,
> Collins, Aldrin, 1969) and Houston joked about this
> Chinese legend upon
> arriving by the Moon in what was to become the first
> Moonwalk, and now China
> has contending for the last laugh,
> Mission Control: "...Chinese girl called Chang-o has
> been living there for
> 4000 years. It seems she was banished to the moon
> because she stole the pill
> for immortality from her husband. You might also
> look for her companion, a
> large Chinese rabbit, who is easy to spot since he
> is only standing on his
> hind feet in the shade of a cinnamon tree. The name
> of the rabbit is not
> recorded."
> Michael Collins: "OK we'll keep a close eye for the
> bunny-girl."
> Best Wishes,
> Doug
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