[meteorite-list] Dealers, Sellers: Please INSURE your shipments

From: Norbert & Heike Kammel <meteorites_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Tue, 02 Jun 2009 10:36:33 +1000
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Aloha Gary, G'Day List,

in the interest of the buyer, to avoid paying high import duties, we
hardly state the correct contents (we state iron meteorites as 'native
iron specimens) and declare a much lesser value, so the customer does
not have to pay import tax.
But that is a dual agreement between us and the customer. We recommend
to insure, and if the customer refuses this, the package will be sent at
his/her own risk.
The sellers duty of care is generally fulfilled with lodging a well
packed parcel at the post office. The customer knows the risk for not
paying the additional money for insurance and for declaring a lesser
value for the contents.

Throughout our time of business we lost three packages, and in all cases
we sent replacements at the same or better value at no costs for the
It may be a little too much asked for if the value is several thousand
dollars. :-\
Please also keep in mind that to some destinations it cannot be insured for.

In the interest of our business we will always endeavour to keep our
customers satisfied and are very proud of our unblemished reputation.

These are just our thoughts in this matter.

Best regards from Down-Under,

Norbert Kammel
IMCA # 3420

Gary Fujihara wrote:
> Aloha,
> I have been the victim of theft after discovering that over $1600
> worth of meteorites were missing from a shipment I received from
> Argentina. I had noticed the package felt light, but discovered that
> the US postal service is not responsible for thefts of the contents of
> international mailed items that are not insured. This shipment was
> not insured and so I will in all likelihood take the full brunt of
> this loss.
> Thievery by customs officials, foreign and domestic postal workers and
> other individuals or organized groups inside and outside the US is a
> possibility! I believe most packages arrive at their destinations
> with their contents intact, but feel it is negligent and at the very
> least unconscionable not to insure shipments at or above the full
> value of the contents. I know it costs more to do so, but please
> consider insurance especially for foreign shipments. Mailing specimen
> cards and paperwork separately from the meteorites can also prevent
> thieves from knowing what those "Mineral Samples" are.
> Is it fair for me, the buyer to take the loss alone for this theft? I
> personally don't think so, unless I was given a choice and elected not
> to insure. I would hope that the seller (an IMCA member who, to his
> credit is working with me) would have a sudden rush of conscience and
> compensate, or share the loss with me, since his act of omission
> provides me with little if any recourse. What are my rights, and what
> can I do? Do other dealers insure their shipments? What is SOP?
> Gary Fujihara
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