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Robert & All,
I saw it in several West specimens as well while in Texas, but I've seen it
elsewhere, too. For example, here it is on a Murchison specimen:
http://www.fallingrocks.com/Collections/Murchison.htm. Never have bothered
to research the specific cause, but I'd imagine it's something that vanishes
rapidly after the first rains hit. By the way, I'm still blue-green with
envy over your son's fantastic recovery!
All best,

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  I have been meaning to ask about the "blue-silvery" markings on some of
the West specimens we found. I see that McCartney Taylor mentions it on his
new web site. I showed the 60g meteorite that it is best represented on from
our finds to several "in-the-know-guys", such as Mike Farmer and Robert
Haag, who both have a seen a LOT more meteorites than I have. Neither of
them had ever seen anything like it before. That seems to be a fairly
significant statement. Robert tossed around the idea that it MIGHT be
related to the copper content in this meteorite, and MIGHT be some kind of
"copper-related-melt-splash" ????? ( Not trying to start any wild, fantastic
claims here at all. Like I said, this is just some musings out loud. He also
said it might be some type of troilite melt-splash, or something else
completely. But the point is, wouldn't most of us agree that if NO one (that
I've asked) has seen something like this before, it must be fairly uncommon
at the least???

  If anyone has ever seen anything like this before or knows what it is, I
would love to hear from you.

  I don't have a website, or a photo hosting site, but I would be happy to
send a photo that displays the markings directly to anyone who requests it.

  Robert Woolard

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