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Date: Sat, 20 Aug 2011 10:47:46 +0100 (BST)
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Hi Sonny and list,

can someone clarify some things for me? I find it a bit confusing, so excuse me if I ask obvious questions. These are the facts as far as I have understood them:

Apart from the first Cat Mountain find there was Snyder Hill, which was not part of the same fall and only found while looking for further Cat Mountain pieces. There was another small Cat Mountain found by Robert Haag which didn't get classified. Now hunters were searching the Snyder Hill site and found two more Cat Mountains which are now sold on ebay.

Who found the rocks, Count Deiro or the hunters who have also found the Snyder Hill piece? Who is selling them? And why was the third rock which was found designated 001? The second one hasn't been classified, but wouldn't the original find get the first number?

Pretty amazing finds :-)

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> Hi Carl,
> These are truly amazing finds. This is a great example to
> everyone that if one meteorite is found return and check for
> more pieces. Who knows, you may find something from a
> different fall.? The number one key is to spend time in
> the field and to have fun!
> Sonny
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> Sonny,This is interesting because the seller and finder are
> also the original finders of Snyder Hill back in 1995. They
> also found a pecan sized cat MT I was never aware of that
> Bob Haag never got added to the official record.I also had
> no idea they were the finders of this new Cat MT find until
> now but, I actually took them to the Cat MT strewnfield back
> in 1995 and I was with them when they originally found
> Snyder Hill.It was interesting because Mike Holden and
> Jerome Johnson? found the first half of Snyder Hill and
> the very next day Dave found the other half on the opposite
> side of the hill. It seems it had struck the hill and each
> half went it's own direction. They were later reunited and
> they fit perfectly back together.Bob Haag has said it a
> million times. "Go back and search where meteorites have
> been found before". It worked again. I talked to Dave
> tonight for the first time since 1995 and he told me he had
> not ever been back since his first find until this past
> March when he found this latest Cat MT. 001. This story has
> another interesting twist to it. Back then everyone was
> worried about ownership. For this reason everyone was afraid
> to mention find locations. There was no Met-list to ask
> questions. Only rumors. Long story short? the true find
> location of Snyder Hill was eventually correctly documented
> and named appropriately. Tonight Dave said he went back to
> the hill because that is the only place he had ever found a
> meteorite and low and behold he found another of the holy
> grail of all impact melt breccias. A new Cat MT itself. He
> says he sold it? to Ruben for a pile of money and some
> nice meteorites were thrown in on the deal. So, looks like
> Dave finds meteorites every time he hunts. Even if they were
> 16 years apart. Great job Dave.Carl--? ? ?
> ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
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> a lamb voting on what to have for dinner. Liberty is a
> well-armed lamb contesting the vote".? ? ---- wahlperry at aol.com
> wrote: > Hi List,> > Cat Mountain for sale on
> Ebay.> > http://cgi.ebay.com/Cat-Mountian-meteorite-001-/330599015532?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item4cf93ca46c>
> > > >
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