[meteorite-list] What killed off the Mammoth?

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EP, List,

It was assumed that Wrangell Island mammoths ranged
from 180-230 cm in shoulder height and were for a time
considered "dwarf mammoths". However this classification
has been re-evaluated and since the Second International
Mammoth Conference in 1999, these mammoths are no
longer considered to be true "dwarf mammoths"

Eight fee high at the shoulder is a little high for a "dwarf"
or for a large dog. I don't want to meet a Weimaraner
that's eight feet high, ya know?

So, instead of being the World's Tallest Midget, they've
decided it's the World's Smallest Giant. The California
Channel Island mammoths were 4-5 feet at the shoulder
and the Mediterranean Dwarf mammoths even smaller.

Sterling K. Webb
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> Hi Paul -
> The answer is the same thing that killed off many megafuana
> intercontinentally, instantaneously, and simlutaneously: global
> climate collapse, i.l., "nucelar winter".
> Now they are two causes of global dust loading, one of which is
> volcanic eruption, the other impact. Since we have no evidence of
> volcanic eruption, we are left with impact.
> PS- Sterling, Wrangle Island mammoth were already the size of large
> dogs, so small as to constitute a different species, using the old
> definition based on ability to interbreed.
> EP
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