[meteorite-list] Prices for SouthWest Dry Lake Finds???

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The UNESCO guidelines have been well discussed on this List. Richard Norton
discussed them in great detail and I do not consider him an alarmist. I am
speaking from personal experience however I have provided links to these
"laws" in the archives.

Please share your experiences on trying to obtain a commercial permit. This
would be useful first-hand information

Best Regards,


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> Adam, your posts come off a bit alarmist. Please cite the laws by
> Title, Chapter, and Part/Section rather than just saying "they" turned
> the "rules" into "laws". Please leave opinions and conspiracies out
> of it, just state fact.
> The BLM advisory memorandum regarding meteorites expired in September of
> 2013.
> My dealings with the BLM have all been pleasant and professional. I
> think I got further along the permit process than anyone else, but
> those guidelines do not apply any longer from what I can tell.*
> Michael in so. Cal.
> * - I'm not a lawyer
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>> The BLM adopted the UNESCO rules designed to protect cultural properties
>> and
>> turned them into laws. These rules have been twisted into law by
>> government
>> servants overstepping their authority with no debate or intelligent input
>> whatsoever. I talked at great length over 10 years ago with the late
>> Richard Norton which sounded the alarm bells to anybody who would listen.
>> The BLM strengthened their position with the 10 pound limit and
>> commercial
>> permits which will never be issued based on television shows, falsely
>> perceiving that meteorites are lying around like Easter Eggs and are
>> worth a
>> fortune.
>> Not too many people have the resources to fight the federal government.
>> Just
>> talk to the miners that lost the Old Woman meteorite. Our group,
>> consisting of seven people, were warned by BLM agents from the Needles
>> California office that meteorites are not to be resold and that they
>> monitor
>> eBay and other outlets. Four prominent meteorite collector/dealers and a
>> scientist were on this trip. I was personally threatened, as were other
>> team members, by them and will leave it at that. Others on this list
>> have
>> been warned as well. I will leave it up to other hunters to step forward
>> with their unsavory experiences with the BLM if they feel so inclined.
>> It is best to search on private property with written permission if want
>> to
>> resell your finds. There has been a lot of press about artifact hunters
>> having their entire collections confiscated if they did not have
>> provenance
>> indicating their finds were made on private land. Even then, you are not
>> allowed to dig on private property for them. They have to be surface
>> finds.
>> Remember, the "laws" written for artifacts and fossils now apply to
>> meteorites even though meteorites were never mentioned in the UNESCO
>> guidelines which were adopted into law.
>> Jim, I am surprised that with all of the hunting you have engaged in over
>> the years that you have not been personally involved with the BLM in the
>> field. Sometimes you run into a reasonable agent, but more than likely,
>> you
>> will run into one looking exert their authority.
>> Adam
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>>> Hi Adam and all,
>>> Just for clarification on so called BLM Rules.
>>> The BLM put out a paper a while back the stirred up a ruckus. The paper
>>> was a GUIDELINE for area supervisors
>>> to implement or not. To be clear, they are not rules. And, the BLM has
>>> failed to issues claimed permits for
>>> commercial ventures when ask.
>>> If you can show me where these guidelines have become rules and have
>>> actually been implemented, I'd like to see it.
>>> Jim
>>> On 5/20/2014 4:25 PM, Raremeteorites via Meteorite-list wrote:
>>>> Hi Jim and All,
>>>> Unless they predate 1972, meteorites found on public land cannot be
>>>> used
>>>> for commercial purposes according to the BLM interpretations rendering
>>>> them
>>>> without commercial value. This is even before the new "laws" limited
>>>> meteorite recoveries to 10 pounds a year or less without a commercial
>>>> permit. The interesting thing is not a single commercial permit has
>>>> ever
>>>> been issued despite being applied for.
>>>> Sorry for the bad news,
>>>> That is why it so important to treat private land owners with the
>>>> utmost
>>>> respect in order to gain access to unrestricted search areas.
>>>> Adam
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