[meteorite-list] Prices for SouthWest Dry Lake Finds???

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Sonny, That is great news. I am not saying that every experience with the
BLM has been a negative one for me. I spent hours on the phone with three
different agents from the Barstow and Needles offices and got variable
answers. I was even told it was illegal to bring devices into an area that
also contains heritage items or artifacts. This included a magnet on a
stick. I did manage to get a permit to enter Ivanpah after one of my
friends was ticketed there.

The bottom line is that I do not want to see anybody hassled for selling
meteorites found on public land. The only consistent answer I ever got was
that meteorites found on public land are not to be used for commercial

Sell at your own risk. For me, the thrill is finding them,


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Hey Adam, Jim and List,

Meteorites are lying around like Easter Eggs you just need to go out
and do a little hunting. I was able to recover 2.5 pounds over the last
month in a new area. Last year while I was hunting the Indian Butte
meteorite I stopped and talked with two BLM Rangers. We talked about
meteorite hunting. The two rangers had no problem with me hunting for
meteorites and wished me good luck. I have also talked with the Las
Vegas BLM regarding meteorite hunting and have had no problem. I did
contact the State of Arizona about hunting on State Land and they
informed me that meteorite hunting on state land is not allowed. So far
all of my experiences with the BLM and meteorite hunting has been
positive. I can hopefully find some more Easter Eggs this weekend! : )


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The BLM adopted the UNESCO rules designed to protect cultural
properties and turned them into laws. These rules have been twisted
into law by government servants overstepping their authority with no
debate or intelligent input whatsoever. I talked at great length over
10 years ago with the late Richard Norton which sounded the alarm bells
to anybody who would listen. The BLM strengthened their position with
the 10 pound limit and commercial permits which will never be issued
based on television shows, falsely perceiving that meteorites are lying
around like Easter Eggs and are worth a fortune.Not too many people
have the resources to fight the federal government. Just talk to the
miners that lost the Old Woman meteorite. Our group, consisting of
seven people, were warned by BLM agents from the Needles California
office that meteorites are not to be resold and that they monitor eBay
and other outlets. Four prominent meteorite collector/dealers and a
scientist were on this trip. I was personally threatened, as were
other team members, by them and will leave it at that. Others on this
list have been warned as well. I will leave it up to other hunters to
step forward with their unsavory experiences with the BLM if they feel
so inclined.It is best to search on private property with written
permission if want to resell your finds. There has been a lot of
press about artifact hunters having their entire collections
confiscated if they did not have provenance indicating their finds were
made on private land. Even then, you are not allowed to dig on private
property for them. They have to be surface finds. Remember, the "laws"
written for artifacts and fossils now apply to meteorites even though
meteorites were never mentioned in the UNESCO guidelines which were
adopted into law.Jim, I am surprised that with all of the hunting you
have engaged in over the years that you have not been personally
involved with the BLM in the field. Sometimes you run into a
reasonable agent, but more than likely, you will run into one looking
exert their authority.Adam----- Original Message ----- From: "Jim
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Hi Adam and all,>> Just for clarification on so called BLM Rules.>> The
BLM put out a paper a while back the stirred up a ruckus. The paper >
was a GUIDELINE for area supervisors> to implement or not. To be
clear, they are not rules. And, the BLM has > failed to issues claimed
permits for> commercial ventures when ask.>> If you can show me where
these guidelines have become rules and have > actually been
implemented, I'd like to see it.>> Jim>>>> On 5/20/2014 4:25 PM,
Raremeteorites via Meteorite-list wrote:>> Hi Jim and All,>>>> Unless
they predate 1972, meteorites found on public land cannot be used >>
for commercial purposes according to the BLM interpretations rendering
>> them without commercial value. This is even before the new "laws"
>> limited meteorite recoveries to 10 pounds a year or less without a
>> commercial permit. The interesting thing is not a single commercial
>> permit has ever been issued despite being applied for.>>>> Sorry for
the bad news,>>>> That is why it so important to treat private land
owners with the utmost >> respect in order to gain access to
unrestricted search areas.>>>> Adam>> -- > Jim Wooddell>
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