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Date: Sun, 3 Jul 2016 14:58:11 -0500
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Here is the issue: You claimed to have FOUND this meteorite on your property.


The problem is that what you have, in fact, is a Campo del Cielo. So, either you are the victim of a hoax and someone planted that meteorite for you to find, or you are trying to perpetuate a fraud onto our community. This community has its flaws and conflicts, but the one thing we are united in is ensuring that meteorites are real and that meteorites are properly represented as what they truly are. In the few responses your received, you are looking at probably over 100 years of experience dealing and handling meteorites. Campo del Cielo is one of the more easily recognizable meteorites out there for collectors and dealers. We see them by the tons, literally. Research institutions often see such small pieces of meteorite specimens that they may not have the experience we do in recognizing complete specimens. So you see, PSU's Cascade Meteorite Lab is neither stupid nor complicit. Riddle solved. We have seen this scam before and more than once. In fact, just recently one of our members told the story of uns
crupulous vendors in Morocco selling Campos as new irons from the Sahara (this was a while ago). One famous fraud is the Baygorria meteorite (http://imca.cc/insights/2006/IMCA-Insights03.htm).


I do not know you or your motivations, so I won?t comment on that. If you are the victim of a hoax, find out who perpetrated it. If you are trying to scam us, then please don?t try to argue. I?ve copied Dr. Ruzikaa who is the director of the Cascadia Meteorite Lab so that they may be informed of the situation. They may still decide to classify your meteorite, but at least they will have all the information necessary to make their decision. We are a small but tight knit community, and we call it as we see it. Some of us might seem rude and some of us might seem helpful, but none of us will tolerate anyone trying to perpetuate a hoax that COULD make our community look bad.


Mendy Ouzillou


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What an interesting few responses. You all certainly know a gazillion times more about meteorites and about meteorite scams than I know. Of these things I know almost nothing, though I do certainly appreciate that many parts (if not all) of the internet are rife with scams. I'm sorry that you have so much anger about it.

But I can't help but wonder why, if it is so obvious that I'm perpetrating a scam, would the staff at PSU's Cascade Meteorite Lab, (who have had this meteorite in hand), not voiced this concern? They actually examined the rock in person - not just by way of a low res digital photo. Why would they have been certain enough to have promised to move the classification of this meteorite to the very top of their already long queue? They may be underfunded, but they sure didn't strike me as dumb. I can't help but presume they can ID a Campo as readily as you. Do you think they are ignorant? I guess you can presume that I'm also being deceptive about my contact with them.

I really don't know the answer to that riddle. It is only on the basis of their authority that I can even claim to know that this is a real meteorite. I will call them again on Tuesday to ask their thoughts on this matter of a Campo scams. They don't seem to mind at all for me to "waste their time".

I've never had any connection with law enforcement, although I have no idea what you think that might imply. (Are law enforcement people often untrustworthy?) I've always been obscure, and I will always probably BE obscure. I'm just one of the obscure masses. So there is no "drifting back" into obscurity needed. But I also sure don't need validation from your group..

I don't think you can find any link to me by Google search my name. But since you apparently were curious, you can see my short and non-special biography by going to QRZ.com and searching the call sign K7KEY. I'm obscure, but I also have nothing to hide.

But my post here has not been fruitless. I've received a good number of very considerate direct replies from others offering useful advice and information.

My regret now is that it appears that it would have been MUCH better to have asked about cutting an iron meteorite in the abstract. I was foolish not to think of this, and I now realize that the excitement of my discovery clouded my judgement.


Happy Independence Day to all in the U.S.!


On Sat, Jul 2, 2016 at 10:07 PM, Paul Gessler <cetuspa at shaw.ca <mailto:cetuspa at shaw.ca> > wrote:

Mr Pierce,

He is being "amazingly rude" because you think we are amazingly naive.
We are not. We have seen this CRAP before many many times and it just doesn?t fly.
I asked to see a photo of your meteorite precisely because I was a bit suspicious.
Upon reviewing the photos it is VERY CLEAR that it is another Campo del Cielo.
So instead of wasting PSU;?s time I will give you the classification right now.
What you have is :
classification Octahedrite Group IAB Composition 92.9% Fe, 6.7% Ni, 0.4% Co
So you see.... you don?t even have to worry about cutting your precious hoax.
Simply dissolve back into obscurity where you belong.
No one here cares about your story.

   I googled your name and...you wouldn?t happen to be a former Law enforcement officer would you?
just curious

-Paul Gessler

From: John Pierce
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To: Michael Farmer
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Subject: Re: [meteorite-list] Cutting An Iron

Wow, Michael Farmer, you are amazingly rude.
Is your rudeness typical of this meteorite community, or are you just a troll, or just an angry person?

I don't know what a "pen Oregon" iron meteorite is". Can you explain? Because I am new to this stuff.

You are the only person so far who has claimed to be able to classify this meteorite from only a photo.

But let me clarify again, the intention is to only the smallest possible window cut to generate a sample big enough for classification.
You are also the first person to advise that classifying the meteorite will take it to very low value. Is this consistent advise from the community here?
I have no intention of cutting it beyond that.

On Sat, Jul 2, 2016 at 4:10 PM, Michael Farmer <mike at meteoriteguy.com <mailto:mike at meteoriteguy.com> > wrote:

Nice 100% campo del Cielo meteorite from Argentina.
110% scam.

Sent from my iPad

On Jul 2, 2016, at 10:40 AM, John Pierce via Meteorite-list <meteorite-list at meteoritecentral.com <mailto:meteorite-list at meteoritecentral.com> > wrote:

OK, photos.
I'm not the most computer literate person.
I had go create a Photobucket album, and I hope this link works:


Please, no need to flame me for cleaning the rock.
I read and considered a lot before proceeding.
Simply my preference with no concern regarding market value.

Found by me personally on our 32-acre property in Southern Oregon.

John Pierce

On Sat, Jul 2, 2016 at 9:57 AM, Paul Gessler <cetuspa at shaw.ca <mailto:cetuspa at shaw.ca> > wrote:
Let?s see a picture of this Iron.
-Paul G


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Subject: [meteorite-list] Cutting An Iron

Hello All,

This is my first post here. I joined recently because I found a lovely nickel-iron meteorite, and that has spurred my further interest in this subject. My meteorite has been confirmed as the real thing by staff of the Meteorite Lab at Portland State University, who would like to perform classification. It is 11.2 kg, and according to PSU staff, it will be only the seventh classified meteorite ever found in the state of Oregon.

I?ve enjoyed reading these archives, but I haven?t yet been able to find answer to my question.

I?m posting here to ask if anyone has any experience cutting an iron meteorite with the CBN blade that is sold by Johnson Brothers Lapidary. They advertise it as just the thing for cutting irons. I?m interested to know anything about blade life, rim speed, feed rate, and using plain water as a coolant/lubricant. For cutting the analysis sample, I have machining experience and very suitable tools, except for the blade, which I would like to be a circular blade.

I welcome replies here on the forum, or by private email.

Kind regards,



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