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Newstead, Scotland, UK. -- 19th cent. meteorite?

Can anyone help with this mystery.

Looing through a 1902 catalogue of the meteorite collection from the
U.S. National Museum produced by Wirt Tassin, I found the following...

Newstead, Roxburghshire, Scoltland.  Iron.  Weight, 51 grams. Found 1827.
Triangularly shaped fragments. The Shepard Collection, No. 22.

Now the "big blue book", ie the Catalogue of Meteorites, 1985 ed, from
the British Musuem makes no mention of this find.

So I thought it may well have been a false meteorite, but it should still
deserve a mention. Other such false examples from the UK do get a mention.

Then I came across the following references to articles, which I have yet
to locate...if anyone has access to these, the mystery may be solved.