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Re: meteorite hunter weapons

Hi Fellow meteorite members,
                                            I have contacted the person
involved in this mishap that occured while searching for meteorites. It seems
that when you are alone in never never land, with nothing nearby but
tumbleweeds, and another person happens to wander by, there is both a
curiosity factor, and a feeling of individual power, i.e - Who can see what is
done out here in the boon docks? Anyway, this exclusive information that I was
given by the party, is an unfortunate incident. Perhaps the four occupants of
the white Ford Taurus were out looking for a good time, or were simply trying
to make sure that there was no way of having a lead to whatever thay had
stashed in the isolated area.
   I know that if I were to go that area, I would have some sort of weapon on
hand, other than a magnet, metal detector, and a magnifier, a keen eye would
be a definite plus!!
    I have been asked NOT to reveal this persons name, in fear of repraisal to
their family, and I will respect their request. I will have the entire
description of this bizarre event in the September, - October issue of Voyage!

                                                              Happy and safe
hunting to all,
                                                           John Walters -
Voyage! Magazine   

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