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Re: Meteorite storage solutions (or "two hobby synergy")

Hello Bill, hello list!

William Blair wrote:

> Matt,
> Matt, first question, where do you get your batting?  I suspect most mail order
> sources would require large quantity purchases and a local source isn't immediately
> obvious to me.  A www search hasn't been productive and the Thomas Register only
> lists about a bazillion sources of matting who, unlike the plastic case suppliers I
> also found on the TR, don't have on-line catalogs.  As a result, I suspect that they
> sell high-volume only.

I get the batting at my local craft store here in Colorado.  They have many varieties, and
it is pretty cheap.

> How is the optical quality of the ProMold cases, specifically the face side of the
> case?  The baseball card holders I bought look great head on, but have a very slight
> wavy appearance at an angle.  No problem, really, just less than the optical perfection
> I'd prefer (beyond reason, probably).

The Pro-Mold cases are very nice, never really noticed distortion. They are hingeless as

> Also, unless I was on the wrong page, it looks like Cardboard Gold has increased their
> minimum quantity to 200 ($49.00, 24.5 cents each) for the 25-count card holders.  I
> found them last night, also, but didn't need 200 count.  Since ProMold sells in
> 120-count case lots, I wonder if Cardboard Gold has switched to a different (cheaper)
> brand?

Nope, I bought mine this afternoon in a 120 count box.
Matt Morgan
Mile High Meteorites
P.O.Box 151293
Lakewood, CO 80215-9293

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